Thursday, March 20, 2008

I THINK we're 'back on track' on our finny friends ........................................

my 'big' aquarium got sick - water looked as though I'd poured milk into it - lost my Bala sharks, my black finned sharks {actually, a catfish variant}, my high-fin tetras, my algae eaters, & my fancy guppies. It was a progression, and when I lost the first few, I drained/cleaned out the tank, fresh water, etc., etc. When I lost my black finned sharks, I just broke it ALL down, boiled the rocks, scrubbed the tank, etc. My spousal unit got me 2 heaters, another filter, a bubble curtain, and an outside-the-tank thermometer {my Easter gifts ;-) } The blue gouramis, the genetically modified danios and the glow-lite & neon tetras were all apparently OK.

So, t'other day I got a couple more Bala sharks, an algae eater, and a couple of frogs - funny thing about completely aquatic frogs - they have no "abdominal tuck" {had to use dog outlines to show y'all}, whereas frogs that are terrestrial have a very well defined "abdominal tuck"

No abdominal tuck

Excessive abdominal tuck

I picked up a couple of spotted puffers today - they're so ugly they're CUTE!

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Anonymous said...

I hope all goes good this time. I'm no good at keeping fish alive, they die every time. Makes me sad :(