Friday, January 17, 2014

As if Tuesday & Wednesday weren't "exciting" enough, tonight .......................

someone was hit by a 'beam' & knocked halfway down a 40 foot hole in the ground - don't know if he's one of our principal's employees or a contractor, just know that from 7:45 pm 'til 8:30 pm, the 3 of us security folks were kicking a$$ & taking names - we handled it damn well, if I do say so myself.

Please keep the unknown gentleman in your thoughts & prayers - EMS were prompt & ready to assist, got him to a good facility in a very timely manner, so, hopefully, there won't be any lingering damage.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sooo, there's major maintenance going on at work ...............................

the company we provide security for manufactures some LARGE items, so the pieces to make them are correspondingly large.  When they pull out the stops, as they have for this iteration, a lot of the work falls to outside contractors.  These contractors do not exactly choose the cream of the crop, intellectually.  In all honesty, I believe some seek out illegal aliens, so the contracting firms can give their bottom lines a major boost.  Part of OUR job is to ensure that IDs are 1) valid and 2) acceptable from the standpoint of OUR principal's contracts with the U. S. government.  Also, if one is driving, one must have a driver's license, NOT just a state ID - with a license, there is SOME expectation that the driver will have insurance, should anything happen on the campus {which is private property, BTW}

Sooo, yesterday, we had one rocket scientist & his passenger attempt to access the facility utilizing the driver's fishing license {the passenger had NO ID}- ummmm, NO, that is not acceptable.  The driver argued that it was issued by the state, therefore valid - as compelling as his argument was, we stuck to our guns and refused him access, since we're kinda picky & would like to have a picture on the license.

This evening, we had two illegals who reside in other Southern states {which states issued them state IDs, NOT driver's licenses} attempt to drive on - one took off onto the campus, the other performed a U-turn & left.  The one who rabbited the gate had claimed to be employed by "XYZ" Company.  Patrol was notified, as was our manager, and various & sundry other personnel.  Our manager returned to the campus, and commenced a search with Patrol.  About 2 hours into this, a supervisor of "Blue Star" Company left, to return with BOTH individuals, and since the supervisor was driving, we had to allow them on.  The one who asserted working for "XYZ" Company insisted we were wrong, that he'd stated he worked for the "Blue Star" Company.

Earlier, per our manager, I had called the Sheriff's Department, requesting a Deputy so we could file a criminal trespass complaint against the one who drove onto the campus after we'd told him no.  I later cancelled the call, and 10-15 minutes later, not one but TWO Sheriff's vehicles, with a total of 4 Deputies, showed up.

Life can be ................................... interesting ................................. :-(


Wednesday, January 1, 2014