Saturday, December 20, 2014

So, I'm beginning to think someone {or someTHING} is telling me to

avoid FM 1960 {Farm-to-Market Road 1960} here ......................... last week, came over a rise to see 15-20 law enforcement vehicles, lights going crazy, in the westbound lanes ............... get on up there, and there's a body in the middle lane, a rather common Darwin competition here, but the first I've seen so "fresh".

OK, so tonight I'm further west, headed east, when I see a white SUV up ahead, NO lights on {@ 0115 in the morning}, weaving back & forth between eastbound {correct side for direction of travel} & westbound {wrong side}.  I pick up my phone to call 911 to report the vehicle when the white SUV hits a red Ford pickup head-on.  I pull over, put flashers on, call 911 to dispatch officers & paramedics.  While describing involved vehicles to 911, the 2 passengers of the white SUV get out & run away, which I report to 911.  Seems to take FOREVER on call, but get through that, as LEOs & medics arrive.  While folks are comparing notes, a black SUV comes through, hits the white SUV, and winds up on it's side - initial response is to get the driver OUT, which resulted in several people kicking and hitting {with an ASP} the windshield.  Poor man was on his way to work, but wound up on a backboard in an ambulance.

Poor kids in red Ford are severely shaken; a young black girl & a young white man - they were on their first "date", and he was concerned about how her mother would react.  Got the young girl seen by paramedics, then she was standing there with no one with her {boyfriend was trying to call his parents}.  I talked to her, she was shaking like a leaf; hugged her, told her she was OK, THAT was what mattered - trying to get a smile, I mentioned what she'd have to talk about when she returns to school.  She hugged me, held on like I was a lifeline, said she was cold - I went over to one of the deputies & asked if the ambulance had an extra blanket for her - he opened the door & asked the paramedic, I said she was getting shocky - they gave me one to wrap around her.  The boyfriend came over & thanked me for "all" that I did - hell, who WOULDN'T have helped ?  The girl's mother arrived, and I reassured her the accident was NOT the fault of her daughter or the young man - explained what I had seen for myself.  She seemed very appreciative, as did her daughter.

Just hope they catch the two in the white SUV - consensus among the witnesses was they were 2 Hispanics - I don't know, never saw their faces, just saw 2 figures in dark trousers and dark hoodies running away .................................

Side note:  gas is below $2.00/gal at some stations here ...........................