Saturday, December 20, 2014

So, I'm beginning to think someone {or someTHING} is telling me to

avoid FM 1960 {Farm-to-Market Road 1960} here ......................... last week, came over a rise to see 15-20 law enforcement vehicles, lights going crazy, in the westbound lanes ............... get on up there, and there's a body in the middle lane, a rather common Darwin competition here, but the first I've seen so "fresh".

OK, so tonight I'm further west, headed east, when I see a white SUV up ahead, NO lights on {@ 0115 in the morning}, weaving back & forth between eastbound {correct side for direction of travel} & westbound {wrong side}.  I pick up my phone to call 911 to report the vehicle when the white SUV hits a red Ford pickup head-on.  I pull over, put flashers on, call 911 to dispatch officers & paramedics.  While describing involved vehicles to 911, the 2 passengers of the white SUV get out & run away, which I report to 911.  Seems to take FOREVER on call, but get through that, as LEOs & medics arrive.  While folks are comparing notes, a black SUV comes through, hits the white SUV, and winds up on it's side - initial response is to get the driver OUT, which resulted in several people kicking and hitting {with an ASP} the windshield.  Poor man was on his way to work, but wound up on a backboard in an ambulance.

Poor kids in red Ford are severely shaken; a young black girl & a young white man - they were on their first "date", and he was concerned about how her mother would react.  Got the young girl seen by paramedics, then she was standing there with no one with her {boyfriend was trying to call his parents}.  I talked to her, she was shaking like a leaf; hugged her, told her she was OK, THAT was what mattered - trying to get a smile, I mentioned what she'd have to talk about when she returns to school.  She hugged me, held on like I was a lifeline, said she was cold - I went over to one of the deputies & asked if the ambulance had an extra blanket for her - he opened the door & asked the paramedic, I said she was getting shocky - they gave me one to wrap around her.  The boyfriend came over & thanked me for "all" that I did - hell, who WOULDN'T have helped ?  The girl's mother arrived, and I reassured her the accident was NOT the fault of her daughter or the young man - explained what I had seen for myself.  She seemed very appreciative, as did her daughter.

Just hope they catch the two in the white SUV - consensus among the witnesses was they were 2 Hispanics - I don't know, never saw their faces, just saw 2 figures in dark trousers and dark hoodies running away .................................

Side note:  gas is below $2.00/gal at some stations here ...........................


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Charles Rangle is once again making an A$$ of himself ...............................

As evidenced by this article.     

Sooooo, just for sh#ts-&-giggles, here's my open letter to the disHonorable Charles Rangel:

Open letter to Rep. Charles Rangel

As a non-constituent {for which I thank God daily}, I found it bemusing that you explained your use of the term "white cracker" as a term of endearment.  As a white woman who agrees with many of the TEA Party's beliefs, might I point out that such use of language is comparable to my calling men of color "boys".  Oh, and by the way?  Quite a few African Americans identify with the TEA Party, with more doing so each day.  And, in case of your dotage overwhelming you, the "TEA" in "TEA Party" stands for "Taxed Enough Already".  {Oh, that's right, with your level of corruption, you probably don't pay any taxes !}

You also asserted - "Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over" and "think they won the civil war,".  You know, you're right, slavery ISN'T over, as those of us who PRODUCE are penalized in favor of those who do NOTHING - if "we" are not in bondage to the IRS/Social Security Administration, et al, please explain the error in my beliefs.  As far as winning the Civil War - YES, those of us who hold to the tenets of the TEA Party ARE the intellectual and emotional descendants of those who GAVE THEIR LIVES to abolish slavery based upon race and country of origin.

You have been a disgrace to Congress and your constituents for years; HOW you have managed to continue being re-elected, with your record of overwhelming corruption is a mystery of this age.  Good God, if you're "the best" Harlem has to offer, Harlem has more problems than the rest of the country realizes.  You and the rest of your Poverty Pimp brethren would do well to shift your focus to the black community, and the dysfunction therein, the vast majority of which is encouraged by your ilk, until it becomes self-imposed.

I can only hope that the 'Great Awakening' ushered in by this most recent election finds open minds in Harlem and adjacent areas, in 2016.  The people of Harlem, of ALL races, deserve much better than you.

Most sincerely and
Semper Fi'


Monday, November 3, 2014

From my "Bucket List" {SIGH !! }

"The SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft flew missions around the globe at speeds above Mach 3 and altitudes of 85,000 feet or more. Although its many contributions to national security will never be fully revealed to the public, the Skunk Works® marvel holds many world aviation records for its speed and altitude.

In this interview with former SR-71 pilot Col. Buzz Carpenter, you'll hear a first-hand account of the aircraft's power and majesty."

THAT is one phenomenal aircraft .................................


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not my fault !!

LawDog triggered this, with his commentary on Miscreant E4s - it seems evidence that some of my ideas haven't been so far "out there", but have just run into those who find it hard to ........................ appreciate ........................ them ................................. Case in point:

11 September 2001 - we were living in Monterrey, Mexico, at the time of the attacks.  To aver it  a  nerve-wracking time is the essence of understatement.  We had been living there since May 2000, and had made relatively regular trips back to Texas - suddenly, we couldn't return to our country if we wanted to do so.  All coherent reports indicated that this was the work of Osama bin Laden. 

When we were finally able to return {the Friday after}, the FodGuy settled in, and I hie'd myself to the local USMC recruiting office.  My idea was to establish a platoon of menopausal Women Marines; train us in guerrilla tactics, then "insert" us into Afghanistan, to find ObL.  Once we found him, dope him up, then exfiltrate him, a la the VC Colonel in The Green Berets - get him to some 'rendition country', and let the mad scientists have a go {he would be kept 'compliant' by topically applied Valium or whatever}.  Load him up on high dose estrogen - this has the "benefit" {for our purposes here} of causing multiple changes, ie, loss of facial hair, shrinkage of {male} genitalia, growth of breasts, and additional fat deposits.  Put "permanent makeup" {tattoos, basically} around his eyes, lips, etc.  Dress him in a halter, micro-mini skirt, come-get-me shoes, toss a hijab/burqa over him, and parachute him into Taliban Central.  Let him try to explain to his toadies what had happened to him ................................. SIGH!!  Never even had the chance to throw that idea out to someone who could have make it happen .....................................


I enjoy the videos of 2Cellos .................................

Both young men remind me of our friends, Aldo & his brother, Alan - even though Aldo is a drummer {preferring heavy metal efforts} and Alan is a 6-string bass player, their intensity, love of their work, and enjoyment of the audiences' appreciation all remind me, with smiles, of Aldo & Alan  ..................................


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway ..............................

Make CERTAIN your vote is what you INTEND - Vote Fraud in Illinois .

They're claiming "calibration error" in the touch screens - DON'T buy it. 

With 'touch screen technology' almost ubiquitous today, because the "bugs" have been worked out, this is merely an excuse that's expected to be swallowed by we, the sheeple. 

If you run into this, no matter which side of the political divide you fall on, MAKE A STINK - call the election judge, the pollworkers, the "media", let people waiting to vote know of the problems - PLEASE, *DO* *NOT* LET THIS GO UNCHALLENGED.


Back when I was in school {public school, northern Virginia},

Roe v. Wade came before SCOTUS; had a young Jewish woman as our American History / Civics teacher. She handed out an assignment, where we read of a woman, who's first husband had died, followed shortly after by her mother. Her two children by the first marriage had then died.
Her second marriage was a mistake; he was an abusive alcoholic. Our teacher's question was, would you permit her to have an abortion? The vast majority of us, naive children that we were, answered yes. She then told us who we would have allowed to be aborted ................ this short film tells his story ......................