Friday, March 7, 2008

I enjoy Dr. Zeus' Forensic Files because, ..........................................

well, pickle-sh#$, because I enjoy medical conversations {plus there's GREAT "Sappy Cat Blogging" ;-) } .......................... and DAMN, but I'd like to have encapsulated as neatly my thoughts on bullies :

"As I get older, I've found that I've cut almost all the slack that I want to already. I'm not going to put up with bullying behavior, and the wonderful thing about adulthood is it gives you options. Appealing to someone's better nature does not always work. Letting people know you're not going to tolerate obnoxious behaviour does better."

Nothing Inspires Forgivness Quite So Well As Revenge

We've a neighbor who bullies his family, and tries to bully everyone else - I think there's some Napoleonic complex-ing going on there - the LAST time he tried it with me, about 2 weeks later, he tried to apologize - I told him I didn't want to hear it, as he'd pulled the same crap before, apologized & I said "OK" - THIS time, when I refused to give him a pass, his response was 'To hell with you then' - I told his wife, a VERY nice woman, that the problem is, he's gotten away with boorish behavior for so long, HE believes it to be his right. I put up with bullying from my mother & brother, growing up - D.'s 'genetic material donor' was a bully - until the night I told him not to let the door hit him on the way out - he came back an hour later & asked me to "teach him" to be a man ............................ I passed on that deal {he was a former drill instructor, a Marine gunnery sergeant, VietNam veteran - if he wasn't "a man" by that time, @ age 36, it was WAAAAY too late for me, at age 23, to do anything for him .......................} I dealt with a few more over the years, until I wised up & contacted M. almost 30 years after we'd first met in Memphis - I TRULY lucked out with him {ANOTHER former DI, Marine gunnery sergeant, VietNam vet}.

Nahhhh, life's too short to waste it worrying about bullies, no matter if they're neighbors or groups such as La Raza - stand up & let'em know you WON'T take their crap anymore ................... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. My dad is a bully and hard to deal with. When I stand up to him he act's like I'm the bad one because he's so used to doing it he doesn't even realize he does it all the time.

This is one reason I prefer to live in another state. Talking on the phone with him can be a chore. He's worse as he ages.

William the Coroner said...

Frankly, I was going to say "Nothing inspires forgiveness like two rounds in the head," but I thought that was slightly too beligerent.