Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sooooo, seems my hearing is worse than I thought ........................

new job has involved a transfer, since I couldn't hear the alarms going off {to be fair, they're set REALLY low, almost like that 'mosquito' app for cell phones}.  GOOD news is, new location is half the distance, with no tolls.  ;-)  New supervisor apparently received such glowing reports about me that he was ready to hire me, sight  unseen, without benefit of an interview.   {Yes, ego IS inflated at the moment}.

The FodGuy is getting bored - need to find him artistic outlet - he's WONDERFUL at woodworking, just have to set up the necessary space.  ;-)

Weather is still 'iffy' here - we'll have 75-80 degree days, followed by 55-60 degree days.

"Old" company not doing well; hiring youngsters company's insurance won't cover, so Patrol is soon to be a thing of the past.  "Preggo", mentioned here before, stopped by to get her old job back - she lives about the same distance I do, with a 2 year old &  a newborn to consider, and was apparently unaware of the pay cut - or figures Mom, Dad, siblings & Uncle Sugar will make up any difference ......................................