Monday, March 24, 2008

Dunno if y'all have heard of the controversy ...............................................

surrounding the censorship, by Network Solutions, of Geert Wilders' film, Fitna; I called Network Solutions, to verify their actions - here's their contact page ............................... here's what I eMailed them:

I would truly like to know HOW you have the ........... temerity ................ to decide whether something that is NOT criminal warrants censorship. Were Mr. Wilders promoting child pornography, I would be front & center supporting your decision to censor him - but he isn't, he's offering HIS OPINION of Islam - last I heard, in the U.S.A., opinions were NOT censor-able.
You are denying Americans the right to choose - believe it or not, most of us are ADULTS, and can determine for OURSELVES if a movie, book, or publication is something we want to take time with. I resent your 'Nanny State' tactics, whereby YOU decide what's "right" for ME.
Sincerely and
Semper Fi'


Gay_Cynic said...

Yeargh. At one level I agree - Network Solutions choice to censor the site in question is repugnant.

At another level, even as it pains me to say so, I can see their point of view (though I think they got a tad enthusiastic).

Basically, whoever hosts this film on their servers is setting themselves for a bit of bandwidth hell, even before discussing other issues. Any sound file is a pig for bandwidth, graphics moreso, and movies most of all - and the more popular they are the more piggy they get as folks download them. Hosting providers are charged by bandwidth.

Then, in this instance, we have a provocative subject with known crazy people likely to be offended, said crazy people having a history of both violence and techno-warfare.

I can see how a provider might say "no, thanks, not gonna destroy the rest of my business just to host your political views".

But it still peeves me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. That is craziness and should be stopped ASAP. It's gotten to the point that nothing is censored anymore.People just say what they want and to hell with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Wilders Movie Website, Network Solutions, Is Caving Into Radical Islam.

Muslims Against Sharia neither endorse nor condemn "Fitna"; we have not seen the film. However, we find it disturbing that Network Solution suspended "Fitna" website while hosting a multitude of radical Islamic websites, some of which belong to (or are closely affiliated with) terrorist groups.