Monday, April 9, 2012

Soooo, *I* don't get bunnies, or chicks, or ducklings for Easter ............................

as y'all know, we feed the stray cats that are abandoned; many have become feral, and won't allow anyone to touch them. We've been feeding a mama tabby & her progeny when she brings them to us for ~ 4 years now. The first kitten of hers I found was RainGirl, who was about 12 weeks old when I caught her, was never very healthy, and died young - at least she was well-fed and treated gently. Next time was a clutch of 3 - Mama by this time was coming regularly to eat, and she brought some 8 week old kittens that remained feral, and seemed rather inbred {hip joint and neuro deficits}; they lasted longer than RainGirl, but just didn't ever allow us close, except for one when it was poisoned. Last time, she brought three 6 week old kittens that I caught, crated & brought in the house {several bites & scratches later ;) } to socialize - found homes for all 3. 

Yesterday, as we were sitting outside, the FodGuy was working on the Neon, I was providing 'moral support', Mama comes up with 1 kitten - eyes/ears still closed, umbilical still attached, & tried to take over the shed as a nursery. I caught her before she hid the kitten, put it in a crate, and she went off for another .......................... and another ......................... AND another - I crated each one & put her in with them whenever she wanted - let her out to stretch her legs in the afternoon, the FodGuy & I were sitting there - she wandered out of sight, trusting us with her babies, while she took care of personal needs ..................... they're now in the second bathroom, Mama seems content to keep them in the crate {rather than seeking another hiding place, say, under the sink}.

Then, today:  A lot of secondary roads down here have shoulders almost as wide as the lanes of traffic; today, after I'd discharged my civic obligation {jury duty, wasn't selected}, I was on my way home when I saw a tortoise/box turtle on the shoulder, heading into traffic. I couldn't immediately stop/turn around/backup, so I went ~ a mile down the road and came back - by that time, this suicidal critter was in the middle of the eastbound lane - I got it, brought it home & took it to The Progeny, who's crazy about them - it's already flipped itself on it's back with her - I'm thinking the name "Painless" as in Suicide is Painless ................. ;) 



Old NFO said...

LOL, methinks mama cat 'knows' you're a good provider! :-)

Diamond Mair said...

Well, since we've been "providing" since we moved here, it certainly TOOK her long enough! ;-) I LOVE the kittens @ this age, with eyes still closed - you kiss their noses and they HISS!, like big cats - until they get used to you, and then it's like they're in Mama's embrace .................. ;-)

Semper Fi'

Paxford said...

Waves from Downunder! Discovered your blog via Navyone's posts.

Love that you look after the Furry-ones so well :)


Diamond Mair said...

G'Day, Pax!! And welcome aboard!

Been doing this stuff since I was 14 - 41 years ................ standing joke in the family is that my brother, my Progeny & I all cut our teeth on puppies' & kittens' toenails & tails - they give SO MUCH ................... ;-)

Semper Fi'