Sunday, February 15, 2009

Y'know, I HAVE to wonder if there are

any ADULTS in charge anywhere, anymore ................... I'm a regular reader of VDare; I've had letters published there. So, when I read of an initially belligerent "journalist" haranguing members of the VDare consortium, it's a rather ho-hum moment ..................... but when that same "journalist" eMails the subject of her harridan-like antics, complaining of letters from VDare readers written in defense of her victim, I kinda have to wonder .................... aren't "journalists" supposed to have rather thick skins? If they're indulging in advocacy journalism, rather than TRUE journalism {who, what, when, where, how - just the FACTS, not one's FEELINGS}, one would think them prepared for SOME folks to disagree with their commentary. Ms. Prida's statement, in her original article, of "There’s no one American “dominant” culture. There never has been. Throughout history, American culture has evolved, and will continue to evolve, with the ebb and flow of immigration from different parts of the world.

It’s all a matter of time."
is the exact same attitude that MY FAMILY experienced while we lived in Mexico; as my regular readers probably already know, in my rather timid and self-effacing manner, I endeavored to change peoples' minds about the 'lack' of culture that they believe true about America. {Ye-eah, RIGHT! I pretty much raised hell when such sentiments were voiced around me.}

I just have this vision of Ms. Prida, in tears, showing "mean" eMails to her editor ................... for heaven's sake, GROW UP!

Apparently, in what passes for HER mind, it's OK for her to take figurative pot-shots at anyone she pleases; when someone calls her on it, though, she's surprised ........................

Maybe she should try reading and comprehending the U.S. Constitution; yes, a free press is one of our most cherished rights - but so is the right to disagree. Just as there is NO "right" to privacy enshrined in the Constitution, there is also NO "right" to not be offended.

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