Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I would truly like to know

WHAT are the accomplishments of B. H. Øbama, that he is so insufferably arrogant?  I've no use for John Kerry, but at least he {theoretically} put his life on the line, while serving in the U. S. Navy - post-service, he gave full vent to being a jerk, but he at least made the effort.

BHØ, on the other hand, grew up with maybe not a silver spoon, but a comfortable upper middle-class lifestyle, provided by the grandmother he threw under the bus in his first Presidential campaign.  He & his 'Choom Gang' seemed to have lived lives of ease in Hawaii - I've never heard/read of his working over summers or after school.  We're spoon-fed that he went to Occidental College, then on to various & sundry other institutions of higher learning, though those darn transcripts keep playing hide-&-seek. 

Is it a function of today's electronic over-dependence, that he was taken at face value, with never having to prove he was qualified to be dog catcher, much less POTUS?  In large part, those of us utilizing these wonders of the Web are at a ............................... disadvantage {?} ......................................... in that, so much of what constitutes our interactions are limited by the boundaries of the Web - meeting people face-to-face, or speaking with them on the telephone, are quickly going the route of the dinosaurs.  I'm guilty as anyone, though I have met Bayou Renaissance Man, Old NFO, LawDogPhlegm Fatale, and quite a few former Marines.  What we all have in common, to borrow an idea from Desiderata, is a belief that the U. S. A.., "With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful nation."

God knows our country isn't perfect, but we're a damn sight better than any alternative - and these are not just the jingoist rantings of one who has never experienced life elsewhere - I visited Morocco in '95, we lived in Monterrey, NL, Mexico for 2 1/2 years, and I had the opportunity to visit the FodGuy in the Czech Republic when he was working there for 2 years, was able to experience Prague, Plzen, Graz, Austria, and Munich, Germany.  Each country/region has their own charms and customs *I* wouldn't mind incorporating here.  But, at the end of the day, HERE, whether in Scranton, or Hershey, or the wilds NNE of Houston, is home.

This rather lengthy {for me} lead-in is to make the point that, this "administration's" current actions/inactions regarding the situation on our southern border are Constitutionally unacceptable.  If I had been informed 7 years ago, that our sovereignty as a nation would be for sale, for votes and "cheap labor", I would have told my informant they were crazy. 

The Democrats are absolutely loathesome in their pandering and claims of 'inclusiveness' - for anybody under the age of 50, just for sh*ts & giggles, look up the political affiliations of the majority of KKK members. 

The RINOs are no better, THEY'RE just pandering to business & industry, for 'cheap labor' - cheap for WHOM?  Certainly not for 'regular Americans', who have to foot the bill for housing, food, clothing {underwear, anyone?}, medical care, education, and in many instances, incarceration, for the illegal aliens.  "We" will also be subsidizing their enrollment in ØbamaCare.  Show me ANY other nation that wins a war, then takes this level of care of those over whom they were victorious - and we DID win the war with Mexico, 'way back in 1836.

To add insult to injury, the illegals are permitted to fly commercially all over the U.S., without anywhere NEAR the level of screening American citizens must undergo, to fly.  I wonder what the airlines are doing to preclude paying passengers' contracting lice/scabies/bedbugs, after they've transported the illegals. 

Twenty five percent of the 'unaccompanied {illegal alien} minors' are estimated to be coming from Mexico; the rest are {presumptively} from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador.  The majority of adults are from Mexico.  They are NOT 'fleeing gangs/violence/drugs/etc.' - they are NOT refugees, unless one considers economics a reason for fleeing.  Their loyalty is to their birth nations, NOT to the U.S.A. - is anyone really so obtuse as to believe that coyotes  would refuse the very lucrative offers of some who would love to top 9-11?

Then there are the diseases being seen that haven't been seen here in years if not decades.  I worry about the FodGuy being exposed to drug-resistant TB, among other pulmonary diseases being allowed full freedom of this country. 

There is no excuse for the current state of affairs; it is a slow-motion catastrophe, at least on the scale of hurricane Katrina - and like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, Øbama is off on fundraisers/golfing/whatever.   

UPDATE:  Also, just 'for the record' - HOW is it that "we" are just now receiving 'travel advisories' re:  western coastal areas of Africa, due to the Ebola outbreak; yet when ONE {count'em, ONE} rocket from the Gaza Strip landed near the Tel Aviv airport, the gutless wonders of U.S. 'foreign policy' advised against  travel to Israel.  Personally, I've about had it with this 'administration's' blaming all & sundry ills on Israel; Israelis are not saints, but dammit, they don't practice the barbarism their "neighbors" do - PREDICTION:  The next 9-11 will be heavily stacked with "Palestinians", because even IF Israel were to disappear overnight, they would still blame any/everyone for their miserable existences ..................................... God forbid they take responsibility for their own lives ...................................

I'm confident most who don't rely solely on the MSM,

but are sufficiently intelligent to seek out information/news on their own, have heard of the ISIS recruiting videos - Vlad Tepes has the intestinal fortitude to post one of them, Caliphate releases video of unusual honesty and profound significance

If the cretins of this "administration" believe these medieval mental midgets "built the fabric of America", there's no hope for our nation ................................... how such utter scum have managed to survive and adapt, with mindsets of the 7th century, in this, the 21st century, is a malignant mystery .................................. I'm  concerned that, once they have taken over Syria & Iraq completely, they will then turn their sights on Israel .........................................

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sooooo, seems my hearing is worse than I thought ........................

new job has involved a transfer, since I couldn't hear the alarms going off {to be fair, they're set REALLY low, almost like that 'mosquito' app for cell phones}.  GOOD news is, new location is half the distance, with no tolls.  ;-)  New supervisor apparently received such glowing reports about me that he was ready to hire me, sight  unseen, without benefit of an interview.   {Yes, ego IS inflated at the moment}.

The FodGuy is getting bored - need to find him artistic outlet - he's WONDERFUL at woodworking, just have to set up the necessary space.  ;-)

Weather is still 'iffy' here - we'll have 75-80 degree days, followed by 55-60 degree days.

"Old" company not doing well; hiring youngsters company's insurance won't cover, so Patrol is soon to be a thing of the past.  "Preggo", mentioned here before, stopped by to get her old job back - she lives about the same distance I do, with a 2 year old &  a newborn to consider, and was apparently unaware of the pay cut - or figures Mom, Dad, siblings & Uncle Sugar will make up any difference ......................................


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have a LOT of "stuff" happening, .............................

but want to give a belated, but very hearty "CONGRATULATIONS !!" to Old NFO, for his book, The Grey Man Vignettes becoming a reality.

Job search time {UGH!} - seems a new comptroller of the corporation we provide security for doesn't like guns {WTH is he doing in TEXAS, then?} - as of 1 April, we are to be unarmed, with a concomitant almost 30% drop in pay.  Now, at $14.50/hr., it was kinda worth it to travel 104 miles daily, paying tolls - at $10.50/hr., however, I will be paying THEM for the 'privilege' of working.

In addition {this has all happened in the last 2 weeks}, the FodGuy has been hit with health news that's not good - he has to go on oxygen 24/7.  Yes, we are both smokers, but thanks to a manager above the FodGuy, critically necessary air-cleaning units have NOT been installed at a 'new' facility, for over a year, so the FodGuy's lungs are giving up.  He is now out on permanent disability.  Thank you, giant corporations.

To my beloved, my soul mate, my FodGuy - remember these words always ................................