Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our progeny made what I consider a great suggestion ..........................

I have a tattoo on my left hip; I don't like it, as the 'artist' refused my request for "fine-line" work. I want to have it re-done, on my left upper arm, by an artist who listens to me, the customer. {FWIW, it's the symbol of Women Marines - a rose with Marine Corps emblem (eagle, globe & anchor) just below the bloom, on the stem}. My spousal unit has NO problem with the WM symbol - HIS issue is what I want just beneath it, "I will not submit" - originally, I was going to have it in Arabic, thanks to Michelle Malkin's article here; our progeny suggested that I consider having "I will not submit" translated to Hebrew, which I think is even BETTER - the problem I'm running into, in online translation services, is that "submit" is being translated as "serve/served" - if anyone stumbling by here could offer an assist, as to a valid translation of the full phrase, I will not submit into Hebrew, I'd appreciate it!

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot to mention the reason for my spousal unit's not wanting me to have the quote - he believes it would make me a 'target' for the multi-cultis, especially if it's in Arabic - MY theory is, the EGA {Marine Corps emblem} takes care of THAT issue, right off the bat ................... ;-)


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