Sunday, February 4, 2007

Flying Flo has a GREAT commentary on

"HillaryCare" - take a gander ......................... ;-)

Couple of evenings ago, our nextdoor neighbors brought me another cat - FizzleDizzle is GORGEOUS - he's sweet-natured - he looks like he could be the son of our poor Fuzzy, who disappeared in Mexico - Fuzzy was 'special' - he would have been a good candidate for tinfoil hats - he always seemed to hear voices no one else could ......................... FizzleDizzle doesn't seem to be psychotic - he IS playful as all get out, and a definite lap-kitty ........................
The same neighbors' cat had disappeared for several days - I saw him when he returned Friday morning - called his "mom" at work - he'd been in a tussle with something considerably bigger than him - he has a gaping wound behind his right ear, and a deep puncture wound on his left shoulder - he let me pour some hydrogen peroxide on him yesterday, and administer banana-flavored oral antibiotic {who thinks banana-flavored anything is appealing to cats??} - the son let me know he was walking around today - I brought him in, washed the fur over the wounds to soften it up & the spousal unit removed the matted fur from his big wounds with a razor blade, so they can be more accessible for treatment {antibiotic ointment} - this wonderful cat tolerated all our ministrations with NO complaints - no biting, scratching, nothing - there was a brown, herbal powder we were able to get in Mexico, that performed WONDERS on that type of wound - yes, I'm KICKING myself for not having stocked up on the stuff before we moved back .................... :-( }


Flo said...

Where do you come up with all those names?!


Diamond Mair said...

The current crop consists of:
Nuisance {he worships the SU as a god!}
Spooky {we figure he has only one functioning brain cell - he thinks diazinon tastes good}
ShortSh#t {our daughter's "first born" - he showed up @ our housewarming in Mexico & never left}
Shera {our 'diva' from Mexico - she taught herself to use the toilet}
TJ - my 'tuxedo' cat - the initials are short for her name, 'Tuxedo Junction'
Pitocin - you know the story behind her name
Stubby 'K'
The SU's 'old lady' Miss Sylvie, died on Cinco de Mayo, at age 18 - her ashes are in his home office ................... ;-)