Monday, January 22, 2007

Dictionary of Marine Corps Terms and Words


Used in Vietnam, Section 2
CARRY ON!: resume what you were doing; as you were.
CASUAL COMPANY: unit of Marines awaiting reassignment.
CC: Corrective Custody; jail, the brig.
CHARLIE: Viet Cong soldier, the enemy.
CHOPS: the jaw or mouth, smaked in the teeth, see Jib
CHUCK: black Marine's term for white Marine.
CG: Commanding General.
CHIEU HOI (Viet.): freedom; safe conduct pass; program whereby
VC who surrendered were assured safe conduct.
CHINESE FIRE DRILL: an out of hand, screwed up situation
CHIMPO: see choda.
CHIT: written authorization or receipt.
CHODA: same as chimpo.
CHOW: food.
CHOW HALL: mess hall.
CIRCLE JERK: A fucked up operation or maneuver, poor
planning, a chinese fire drill.
CLICK: one notch of sight adjustment on a rifle.
CLUSTER FUCK: an event that gets out of control.
CINDERELLA LIBERTY: time off which ends at midnight.
CO (Viet.): girl, woman.
COLD COCKED: to have been knocked out by a punch.
COLORS: n. the flag; v. ceremony of raising or lowering the flag.
CON BIET? (Viet) do you understand?
C-RATS: C rations, canned field rations.
COM RATS: commuted rations; in lieu pay for meals eaten off base.
CORPSMAN: Navy medic serving with Marines.
COVER: hat.
COVER ASS: take precautions to avoid blame.
THE CROTCH: derogatory term for Marine Corps.
CRUISE: period of enlistment; tour of duty.
DECK: floor.
DECKED: too be knocked to the deck (floor) by a punch.
DEUCE-AND-A-HALF: 2 1/2 ton truck.
DI-DI (Viet.): leave, go, move out.
DI-DI MAU (Viet.): emphatic of Di-di.

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