Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm so angry, I could smoke a pickle ...........................................

Seems Obambi has decided to weigh in on KSM's prospects in court Obama: Professed 9/11 mastermind will be convicted

NOW, for those unfamiliar with American jurisprudence - EVERYONE in a position of "authority" is supposed to keep their traps SHUT re: their "opinions", because of the possibility of 'undue influence' on members of the judiciary AND the prospective jurors. Obambi has JUST handed KSM & Co. a gold-plated "Get Out of Jail FREE" card.

THIS is what happens when a Republican weighs in:
On August 4, despite precautions taken by the court, Manson flashed the jury a Los Angeles Times front page whose headline was "Manson Guilty, Nixon Declares," a reference to a statement made the previous day when U.S. President Richard Nixon had decried what he saw as the media's glamorization of Manson. Voir dired by Judge Charles Older, the jurors contended that the headline had not influenced them. The next day, the female defendants stood up and said in unison that, in light of Nixon's remark, there was no point in going on with the trial.[122] On October 5, after being denied the court's permission to question a prosecution witness whom the defense attorneys had declined to cross-examine, Manson leaped over the defense table and attempted to attack the judge. Wrestled to the ground by bailiffs, he was removed from the courtroom with the female defendants, who had subsequently risen and begun chanting in Latin.[54] Thereafter, Older allegedly began wearing a revolver under his robes.[54]


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MK said...

Anything to help Americas enemies DM, that's the code the left live by, obama is no different.