Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OK, I admit a fascination with language ............................................

I LOVE researching etymologies {hey, small town, no airport, whatcha gonna do? ;-) }

I also TRY to gear MY language to whomever I'm talking to; I don't discuss the theory of relativity as I was finally able to understand it, with someone who gives me vacuous stares & either a grunt or a "Hunh?"

There's a group of young men who come in every morning for coffee; there's horseplay, sugar/creamer all over, but the language is what gets to me - I asked them Monday morning if they kissed their mothers with those mouths.*

THAT being said, I do NOT agree with censorship of the 'Net - this is the greatest facilitator of communication ever developed by man - when one is able to instantly "talk" with someone in Australia or New Zealand or the UK, when one is able to research ANYTHING that interests one, the idea of censoring this source sends chills up my spine. Maybe it's because I've had the idea of 'freedom of speech' given to me from birth {it's one of those quaint American ideas}, but, due to the nature of the 'Net, there is NO comparability to shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater. {If someone is stupid enough to act on the first thing they view, consider it Darwin in action.}

VDare has an interesting article of something I had not been aware of, but will be following closely: UK Censorship in league with Obama.

They link to the wonderfully erudite Martin Kelly: Human Stains.

If this doesn't concern you, you've NO IDEA of what "freedom of speech" means.

*One of the favorite words of these young men is the "F-word" - DID you know, WERE you cognizant, of the origins of this word? It's an acronym, for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, or Fornication Under {meaning without} Consent of the King ........................ Thus endeth your trivia lesson for the day ............................ ;-)


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