Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The recent dearth of posting was due to ............................

my being 'temporarily' employed ..................... I started on my birthday at a local gas station/convenience store. SuperNova trained me, & we became very good friends .................... anyhoo, on Monday, I went in to pick up my pay {"paydays" are ostensibly Sundays} - but it was $40.00 {5 hours} short. Please bear in mind, in order to open the store Monday through Friday, one gets up & out of bed by 0330. Also, due to a dead starter on one of our vehicles, I had to WALK to work at 0430 {this town doesn't waste a lot of money on streetlights} along a two-lane country road TWICE last week.

I called the owner at 0800 Monday {SuperNova was working the store, but we'd both been up since zero-crack-tweet}, & left a voicemail about the missing $40.00 {due to time off over the holidays, the FodGuy's checks were shorter - we were looking to MY pay covering the costs of replacing the starter} - the owner calls, not me, but SuperNova - HE doesn't appreciate being called "so early" about pay issues, & tells her to fire me. So, I hand in my keys. In the meantime, SuperNova is going through familial issues {a terminally ill parent, in Hawaii} - emergency surgery was performed last night, an ileostomy was introduced, and the family is left with palliative care. 'Nova didn't sleep for the past couple of nights, due to worries about her family - she asked the shirttail relative of the owner who's the nighttime cashier, to come in an hour early, so she can leave early today - for the past EIGHT MONTHS, she's been staying at least an hour late on Fridays, so this ................ individual ...................... can "go pray" {nevermind that the first question this missing link asks about a new female employee is "will she f*** me?" When I learned he'd asked it about me, I made it a point to stop by with the FodGuy .................. heheheheheheheh, ain't I evil?} When 'Nova brought up the FACT of her covering for his supposed attendance at mosque, he told her the owner wouldn't like her bringing that up - which got me thinking - THEY CHOSE to come to America - they had to have SOME idea of what America is about - first & foremost, that little idiosyncrasy of ours called "freedom of speech" - 'Nova seems to think the owner will eventually call me to ask me to come back - the FodGuy initially suggested that I call & apologize for having called 'so early' {I think he interpreted "the Look" very well}, but now agrees that, if the owner calls & offers a half-assed apology for his behavior, I go back but actively seek something else. Also, once we get some money ahead, I'm having my rose & EGA tattoo done on my left arm - underneath it, in Arabic script, will be "I will not submit".

Please keep SuperNova & her family in your thoughts & prayers, as they travel this very difficult road ..................


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