Saturday, February 23, 2008

Michelle Malkin notes ......................................

the Talking Turbans {h/t, Crusader Rabbit for the term ;-) } are FINALLY showing some degree of evenhandedness in their 'Promotion of Virtue/Prevention of Vice' efforts ....................... y'know, I'm just getting really TIRED of being admonished to be 'culturally sensitive' to such - the REST of the world is gaining in enlightenment - WHY, exactly, are "we" to honor such antediluvian/misanthropic attitudes/mindsets? Seems to me, history is replete with cultures that were encouraged to raise themselves to, for want of a better term, First World status - now, in the interests of "diversity" & "multiculturalism", we're allowing 'moral equivalency' to determine OUR future - sorry, but fundamentalist Islam IS NOT NOW, NOR EVER WILL BE, "EQUIVALENT" TO WESTERN CULTURE. If the Islamo-fascists have their way, we will ALL be reduced to living in dhimmitude - once again, from Michelle Malkin,



lainy said...

Great post! I'll not surrender either.This is our United States!

KG said...

As for the "why"--it seems we're suffering from a loss of confidence in our culture and our civilisation.
Which isn't surprising, given the relentless campaign waged against both by academics and teachers for the past thirty years or more.
Kids need to be taught real history in order to value what they have and to take pride in it.