Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking at my visitors' log ....................................

{sniffle-sniffle} I WANT TO GO BACK TO EUROPE!!

I want to visit Plzen, CZR, again, & have wonderful meals at the Stara Roudna Penzione {the memory of the mixed grill makes my mouth water!}. Go to Kaufland's for the to-die-for chocolate covered, cream-filled cookies; go into the store for some of the BEST potato chips ever. Go to the Internet Cafe just off the main square. Go to Karlstejn Castle again, for the sense of history there. Walk around Prague again, just absorbing the culture.

I want to return to Graz, Austria, and visit the Piber Stud Farm and have the horses get excited, knocking their stall doors, because people have come to visit them. I want to walk around 'downtown' {what a pedestrian term for the beauty there} Graz.

I want to go to Munich again, and take the commuter train into downtown, and see the performance artists on the square. I want to go to the open air market there.

I want to go to the Toledo area of Spain, to visit Cheetah's Rock, & see these magnificent animals up close & personal.

I want to see more of Amsterdam than from aircraft/airport windows. I want to see Bruges, Belgium. I want to visit Sweden. I want to go to Italy. I want to have, basically, a road trip, from Amsterdam on ......................... just DRIVE to the areas we want to see. I want to visit the U.K. ......................... then, next fall {in the Northern Hemisphere}, I want to go 'Down Under', and visit New Zealand and Australia - I want to go to the area of the Australian coast where the wild dolphins congregate & play with the humans there ......................... don't want TOO much, do I? ;-)


lainy said...

I don't think you want to much. What fun that trip would be. I'm ready when you are;)

KG said...

If you come Down Under please don't miss the Northern Territory--it's magical!
(and hot and humid and has snakes and crocodiles and such stuff.)
The lightning during the monsoon season has to be experienced to be believed.

phlegmfatale said...

I know what you mean - when I see from whence some of my visitors hail, I wonder why they'd bother coming to my drab little dust-bunny-ridden corner of the intarw3bz.

A trip to Prague sounds lovely, come to think of it...