Monday, May 31, 2010

I dunno about the rest of the world ..................................

but as an American who well-remembers the first WTC bombing, Khobar Towers, Beirut, the USS Cole, 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, Bali, Mumbai, and various & sundry other atrocities committed by the 'Religion of Peace", I REALLY have to take issue with those who flaunt well-recognized maritime laws, then claim "Israel started it", and expect the rest of the world to pat their hands and "there-there" them. {Of course, naming a vessel after someone who was too STUPID to get out of the way of a bulldozer leaves some cause for wonder if the collective IQ of the group is above room temperature.}

Compare & contrast the "reports" from Yahoo News here and here, with these two reports from Muqata and Theo Spark; also, check out Double Tapper's reports. In order to protect the "innocent civilians", the IDF was using PAINT BALL GUNS!

I'm hopeful that Prime Minister Netanyahu will, in the future, take the gloves off when dealing with those who would support Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda and any other Islamofascist organization {many of which, also, support/condone/force FGM on their female children}. If one is too obtuse to recognize the illegitimacy of groups that advocate wholesale genocide, they can then do the world a favor and 'Darwin' themselves.


Meanwhile, in Pakistan .......................



Old NFO said...

Excellent points DM, and the Brits are actually giving pretty good balanced coverage too!

Diamond Mair said...

I'm glad someone is -all I've heard so far from the MSM is the tired old cant of 'blame Israel'

Semper Fi'