Sunday, September 20, 2009

My apologies, to those folks I asked to contact me @ my

gmail address, who were then spammed - it was without my knowledge or consent - below is my letter to the company concerned:

I recently contacted friends through their blogs, asking that they contact me at MY gmail address - imagine my humiliation, when one of them was SPAMMED by YOUR hijacking of MY gmail address?

I signed up to see some of your offerings - I NEVER PAID YOU A CENT, NOR GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE my account, so wouldn't THAT have indicated that I wasn't going to be one of your peons?

You will remove my gmail address from your database IMMEDIATELY! I will NOT have my friends hassled by you or your ilk.

Most sincerely,

Again, my apologies.

UPDATE: APPARENTLY, the "vacation responder" function of gmail was hijacked by that 'company' - since I've never USED the responder on gmail, I don't know how they gained access .................... but over SEVEN HUNDRED spam eMails were sent out from my gmail account - it's now disabled, and WILL be checked before I send any further eMails or ask ANYONE to eMail me there.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

Your humiliation would have been understandable totally - and I am glad there was an explanation behind all of this.

I'll post something on my blog as in an update and thanks for letting me know about this.

But please understand my reasoning for responding the way I did.