Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As I noted over on Crusader Rabbit ..........................

our Congressional representative held a health care Town Hall two towns south of here; HE'S the one who's staff developed this, to explain ObamaCare .................... YOU know, the one SanFranNan wouldn't permit being sent from the House of Representatives. I attended, primarily to thank Representative Brady for his staff's efforts - he received the loudest applause when he was talking about "those who don't deserve ONE DOLLAR of healthcare, because they're here illegally!"

Got to talking with his campaign manager; I'll be getting in touch to assist in his next run for office. I was VERY impressed by the man - Kevin Brady remembers WHO he represents; I suggested he remind others in Washington that THEY work for US.



Steve Harkonnen said...

Good call on his part, because illegals deserve only a one way bus ticket home.

My methods of getting rid of illegals are a bit controversial, but since I am a paleoconservative, I am sure you already have an idea of how I would deal with that little issue.

Bear in mind: Most paleos like myself abhor the Republican Party.

cube said...

Found my way here via Steve Harkonnen's blog because I was impressed by your bona fides. I was curious so I came over to take a look.

Give 'em hell!