Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank heaven for Darvocet ..................................

{though after some review, when I change primary care docs, NO MORE meds that have acetaminophen as a component - there's entirely TOO MUCH of the stuff in TOO MANY different compounds - I was told last spring I have "cysts" on my liver - don't know that acetaminophen is a cause, but it ISN'T good for livers, long-term}

Had post-surg appointments with both surgeons this week - both are VERY pleased with my 'healing rate' - ENT said I was doing better than most who have my procedures .................... still keeping to soft foods {although I DID just have a couple of sausage/egg/cheese croissants from Jack in the Box}, due to the sutures all over. The oral surgeon checked nerve response today - even though there's still a degree of numbness, I can feel "direction" of a gently-applied cotton swab, 100% correct. Far as pain relief in future - Darvon - it's the part of Darvocet that ISN'T acetaminophen.

I have the need to apologize for my country's "leaders" - recent comments by "the Won" re: the Palestinian 'issue' & Israel's right to exist, are extremely troubling for most Americans- abandoning Israel is not an option; I'm HOPING more eyes are being opened as to the empty suit who now sits in the Oval Office. His insistence on Turkey's being admitted to the EU? Not really "our" business - it's up to the member nations of the EU. {Just like our sovereignty is our {Americans'} business.

Leave y'all with some singers from my youth ....................


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