Friday, April 17, 2009

From a friend .................................

Please view this video to help this former Marine and Police Officer!!!

I would like to invite anyone who can to view the video in the hypertext link below. You may remember the story of the Cincinnati Policeman (Sgt. Bryce Bezdek) who was critically injured while deploying stop-stix to try to end a high speed pursuit about 2 years ago and his miraculous recovery against all the odds.

His wife has made a video about his journey and entered it in a contest for a trip to Disney World. By hitting the hypertext and viewing the video you have voted for him. This can be done once every day until the 20th. Be careful when you watch the video-I still need Kleenex.


Here's the link: The link appears to be going to the domain modernmom., but is really going to the domain

You may have to copy this and paste it into your browser……

PS If you are moved by the video please continue to pass it to others

who might be willing to vote.


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MK said...

Thanks for posting that DM, an exceptional and inspiring man. God bless him.