Saturday, August 9, 2008

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Hispanic Real Estate Agents, The Housing Bubble, And Beans For Breakfast

Posted By James Fulford On 8 August 2008 @ 3:39 In General | Comments Disabled

Steve Sailer pointed out that many of the agents selling subprime mortgages on overpriced houses to the vulnerable immigrant community were Hispanic themselves–see [1] Spanish Language Radio Stations Hit Hard By Drying Up Of Zero Down Mortgages.

Cesar Dias and Jorge Espino used to sell real estate in Stockton, California, [2] the forclosure capital of the nation, now they run a business called [3] Repo Home Tours, which runs bus tours around Stockton, for buyers looking to snap homes up cheap.

And in the Housing Bubble Hall of Shame®, there’s a post about a guy named Chris Nuñez, who would be the poster boy for the “Hispanic Real Estate Agent” Bubble Guy..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

[4] Chris Nunez

[5] Chris Nunez, CPS Real Estate
Chris is a super realtor in Santa Rosa, CA. He is renowned for pushing interest-only loans on people that CANNOT afford them. Once these loans reset, he’s going to have some disappointed customers, such the [6] Carnes family that took out a $700K, interest only loan to purchase a home they “had to have”–household income: $100K. And as he tells his clients, “I eat beans like you in the morning.” Watch the video and enjoy!
[7] Video: Past Due & Pay Day (video at [8] YouTube)
[9] Transcript: Past Due & Pay Day

“I eat beans like you in the morning” is a specific ethnic appeal to Hispanic clients, the kind of thing that HUD targets for consent decrees when it happens in real estate ads. But the “diversity recession” may force him and his cliens to eat beans three times a day.

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Y'know, to me, this smacks of the same type of 'historical revisionism' that the slavery reparations movement tries for - every "affront" the minority group suffers is due to all white people, everywhere - nevermind that MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN MINORITY take advantage of them - with slavery reparations, it was tribal leaders; with Hispanics,
from the 'coyotes' who smuggle them across the border, to the issuance of matriculas consular, to snake oil salemen such as Sr. Nunez, NONE are held accountable for their behavior - it's ALL the fault of the evil Yanquis ........................................



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