Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blood pressure alert ........................................

seems some head librarian has her thong in a wad over a subordinate reporting a client of the library to police for viewing child pornography at the library - story here.

HERE'S the thing - just as there's an affirmative responsibility for teachers/doctors/other professionals to report when they suspect a child is being abused, so too is there a responsibility for those of us NOT "afflicted" with viewing children in a sexual manner to report those who DO who pursue this interest. I've read just about every excuse pedophiles come up with - and if an adult CAN'T control/preclude her/himself from viewing child pornography, the rest of society is to believe that s/he CAN control when presented with an opportunity with a real child? ALL OF US have a responsibility and an obligation to protect children when/where we can.

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Lonestar Gal said...

I completely agree with your post. I work for a crisis center dealing with sexual assault, and teach classes in the community on the prevention and responsible reporting of child sexual abuse. As far as I can see, even if the perp is only LOOKING at pornographic images of children, he is still contributing to the molestation and victimization of an innocent, and SHOULD most definitely be turned in. Kudos to the one who had the guts to do so. If you are interested, is a great organization promoting the protection of children from sexual abuse. Theirs is the program I teach.