Saturday, October 18, 2014

So, we have ISIS crossing the southern border,

Ebola gaining a foothold here, Houston's mayor working to allow sexual predators access to previously relatively safe areas for women and girls ...................................... I'm awaiting fire & brimstone from the heavens, tsunamis all over, etc., etc.

To aver the current POTUS is pathetically, woefully inadequate to the job is to make apologies for him - I, for one, am sick unto death of those who state he is 'having to fight Congress', 'inherited Bush's mess', or that WE 'need to be patient, as he's learning as he's going along'.  The whole POINT of aspiring to the Presidency of the United States is that one has PROVEN one's self as capable in lesser roles.  "Community organizing" is NOT a bullet point for a resume.

ISIS continues to threaten anyone not of their 'faith'.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever, our "leaders'" comments to the contrary, actually has an incubation period {when taking precautions is strongly advised} of, NOT 21 days, but 42 days.  {World Health Organization information}

Annise Parker, the radical lesbian who succeeded Bill White {or, as I refer to him, Bill Witless} as mayor of Houston, has decreed that empowering transgenders is "all about" her.  She is insisting on targeting ministers of faith who developed a petition regarding the decision to allow transgenders access to facilities designated for a specific sex - the pastors are concerned that sexual predators will claim transgender status, and thereby attain a comparatively unlimited pool of victims.  Annise Parker is following the Øbama footsteps in completely disregarding the Constitution.  {With Øbama & Co.'s tacit support}

What will be interesting is when a sexual predator tries to game the system and finds him/herself face-to-face with a person armed and with a CHL / CCW.  {Or, a woman with a small can of hairspray and a lighter.}  Also, when a man, dressed as a woman, goes into a lesbian bar's {women's} restroom - or a woman, dressed as a man, into a gay bar's {men's} restroom.  WHO's side will Parker and Øbama & Co. take at that point ?

Really SAD to see such goings-on ....................................

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