Friday, October 1, 2010

Figuring it's only a matter of time ...................................... UPDATED below

once ØbamaCare kicks in, here's some warning for all out there -

First of all, I will be 54 in December - I have served my country in the USMC, USNR, and federal civil service, for a total of 21 years. I'm not stupid; I HAVE the sense that God gave a goose, thank you very much, when it comes to my own healthcare decisions.

I have been diagnosed with ulcers since I was 11 years old {that's FORTY THREE YEARS for the mathematically-challenged}; I have gone the gamut from milk, Mylanta/Tums, Librax, Pepcid, Prevacid, AciPhex, Dexilant. The most recent change was to Dexilant {originally Kapidex}, about a year ago.

The FodGuy's company's health insurance changed twice in 6 months - from UniCare to BC/BS to Cigna - we've been with Cigna since June - NOW they are demanding a step back in treatment, ie., I have to go on a 'trial' of Prevacid's generic, because THEY don't have all my history, and are looking to cut costs. When I called, THEIR demand is I go BACK to the doctor {for $20.00} and discuss it with him - if HE affirms that Prevacid is NOT an option, THEN they will "approve" Dexilant.

This was ALL DONE WITHOUT *MY* BEING CONSULTED, which has me so angry, to quote my father, I could smoke a pickle. The absolute ARROGANCE that I don't have the right to have input on MY healthcare is outrageous - and I do NOT see ØbamaCare making this better - if anything, it will make things like this WORSE.

Called Cigna again, requested a supervisor - the young lady who answered was able to fix things so that I only need to call my doctor's office, and have THEM call Cigna & document that Dexilant is THE choice for me ..................... I was primed for bear, and I'm STILL angry that I was left out of this 'loop' - I WILL make the point with both our doctor's office and our pharmacy that, when it comes to decisions such as this, where MY body is involved, I will expect to be consulted ..........................


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