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Processes, Birth Certificates, Referenda, And The Rule Of Law
By The Curmudgeon Emeritus

Imagine along with your Curmudgeon for a few moments.

Imagine that it were discovered, incontrovertibly, that Barack Hussein Obama really was born in Kenya, rather than in Hawaii as he alleges. Imagine further that Obama would refuse, even after the discovery was publicized and proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, to relinquish the presidency. Imagine still further that he offers as justification his having won the 2008 presidential election. Would you support or oppose his claim to the authority of the presidency?

You'd oppose it. Of course you would! The qualifications for the presidency, slender as they are, are spelled out explicitly in the Constitution of the United States: Article 2, Section 1, paragraph 4. If Obama cannot satisfy the Supreme Court that he was born in the United States, he cannot hold the presidency, any more than Arnold Schwarzenegger could.

Yet Obama has refused to present a legitimate birth certificate to public scrutiny, despite numerous attempts to get him to do so. The reasons aren't far to seek...but so far, the Supreme Court has failed to act on its duty to compel him to satisfy the constitutional requirements for the highest executive position in the land.

Imagine a bit further: that Obama were to win re-election in 2012, and were then to stand for a third term in 2016. The Constitution, in its 22nd Amendment, forbids exactly that. But Obama could trot out any of a number of rationalizations, including "this ongoing crisis," or his "unprecedented popularity," or whatever your fevered imagination might produce. Would you regard any such justification as adequate to set aside the 22nd Amendment?

No, of course you wouldn't! The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and cannot be altered save by the procedures set forth therein. For Obama to stand for a third term in defiance of the 22nd Amendment's two-term limitation would constitute a coup against the Constitution itself. Impeachment, trial, and conviction be damned; that would be a hangin' offense.

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