Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From a Navy friend, of a Navy friend, of my Colonel ...........................

Subject: from my oldest son

Well, never let it be said that my oldest son doesn't have an
opinion--thought some of you might be interested to read this; others, maybe
not. Hope you all vote in this election at any rate! ooo, Sally

My Fellow Americans,

I have seen this new ad that the Obama camp is running about John McCain, and I simply cannot stay silent about it. The ad alledges that since McCain has a couple of houses and was once seen riding in a golf cart with George Herbert Walker Bush that he must be evil in some way.

First, so what if McCain has seven houses? Good for him; he's worked hard his entire life and deserves his success. Isn't that what America is all about? I mean seriously, what kind of communist BS is Obama spinning in this ad? Is everyone is America supposed to have a house regardless of how they've lived their lives and squandered the opportunities for education and an honest living that abound in this country? Okay, let's do this: let's take all the extra houses from the people who have more than one and redistribute them to the people who don't have them. Let's also make sure that everyone makes the same income. Once we're done with that let's move to state production on all of our consumer goods. After all do we really need Fords and Chevys and Chryslers? Wouldn't everyone be happier if there was just one car to buy? Oh, and let's outlaw religion and religious symbols too. Your first and only allegiance should be to the state. Now let's look around and see what we've created. It looks suspiciously like the USSR circa 1980. Do you know what the USSR never had a problem with? Illegal immigrants. America has to build a wall to keep people out. The Soviet Union had to build one to keep them in. What does that say about our country in comparison to the rest of the world? Is that something that we really want to change?

Second, the ad references 'county club politics'. What does Obama think politics has been in this country, at least since there were country clubs? The leaders of this country are well paid. They also tend to congregate together outside of the halls of the congress and the senate to relax and get to know one another. You wouldn't see the CEO, COO, and CFO of a Fortune 500 company being criticized for getting together for a company happy hour would you? Let's examine John McCain and GHW Bush for a minute. Both men are Republicans. Both were Naval aviators. Both served their country with distinction and valor in combat. What could they possibly have to talk about while playing golf?

Third, If Obama thinks that the wealthy are leading this country astray then maybe he should vote to lower his own salary and those of the men and women around him. After all, he thinks that you and I should foot the bill for his plan to 'change America'. Maybe he should lead by example. Pot call the kettle black much? Fact, he's a sitting US senator. He's in the top 5% in terms of earnings. I'm tired of him espousing that he's an American Working Man. If he's such a working man then why would be criticize the working man by saying that they 'cling to religion and guns'?

Fourth, I guess they had to use GHW Bush in the ad since they couldn't find footage of John McCain with our current president. I guess any Bush will do. What did GHW Bush do to this country that was so wrong? He led our country through a recession. He joined with the United Nations in kicking Iraq out of Kuwait. The only real criticism that I can offer for GHW Bush is that he didn't press on and dethrone Sadam Hussein in 1991. I think that was the time to do it, as world opinion would have been on our side, and we would have recieved more help with the task. Maybe if 1992 hadn't been an election year that's what would have happened, but we'll never know. Overall I think that GHW Bush led this country with integrity, humility, and intelligence. Something the man who took office after him was sadly not able to do.

It infuriates me that people who will not go to the effort to draw their own conclusions will be led astray by ads like this. The truth is that the Obama camp must use attack ads like this becasue they cannot assault the character of the man they seek to defeat. I must agree with what Sarah Palin said in her speech when she noted that 'John McCain is the only candidate running who truly knows what it means to serve his country'. How can you attack the character of a man who spent six years in a Vietnamese prison camp being tortured? A man who was offered a trip home and told his captors 'I'll leave when all the men who are here with me go home'. A man who knows the virtues of this country like few others for he has seen the horrors that exist in foreign lands. This is the man who must lead this country. I beseech all of you to help me and those like me in cutting through the web of lies and misinformation that the media is feeding this country. Encourage our fellow Americans to examine the facts and make their own decision, instead of being spoon fed what to think by forces that only have their own interests at heart. Free thought and great ideas are what made this country great. We must all ensure that they make it great once more.


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