Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our sweet Spooky,

that DUMB, but most inoffensive of cats, for whatever reason, is a target of the 2 young, un-neutered males - one of them bit Spooky's cheek, with resulting infection - severely swollen, in two separate areas - one nice thing about living in an area as rural as this - the feed stores carry injectable penicillin, along with syringes, available over the counter for less than $10.00. A friend gave me 2 syringes filled with 3 mls each - problem WAS, neither the Spousal Unit nor our EMT neighbor could get the medication OUT of the syringe, INTO Spooky {tried the oral route with it twice {with needle removed, of course} - Spooky was NOT happy with us} - now, recommended dosage is 3,000 units/pound - each ml has 300,000 units, so for Spooky's 18-20 pounds, we only need 60,000 units MAX - yesterday, I got a half ml of medicine {150,000 units - "loading dose"} in a syringe, added another 1.5 ml sterile saline, and successfully injected him - today, he got .3 ml, with 1 ml saline - the swelling is going down, he's 'perkier', though he gives me dirty looks when I smear yogurt on his fur, to ensure 'good' bacteria are kept up. ;-)

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lainy said...

I hope Spooky gets to feeling better.