Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I've added a link to

Desert Exile ...................... the proprietors are TacoBell {here in Alta Mexico} & XRoadCop {former CHP, currently as a neighbor of John McCain ;-) } .......................... they're pretty much spot-on re: the immigration wars ........................ check'em out! ;-)

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Xroadcop said...

Thanks for your comment.
Marine, huh?

First, this is not the first time you have heard from me. I'm an unapologetic promoter and admirer of Marines.

For 30 and a half years, I was a Calif Highway Patrol Officer. For 27+ years, I worked in San Diego County, which means Camp Pendleton, MCRD, and from 1993 on, Miramar MCAS.

And, yes, just like Insurance Actuarial Tables, most Marines are between 18 and 26, and is usually reflected in their driving.

Most Marines that I stopped for run-of-the-mill traffic violations drove away after simply being told why they were stopped. Why?

By the time I was at their window they had in hand: Driver's License, Registration for the vehicle, Insurance card, and Military ID.

Upon being told why they were stopped, a prompt "Sir, Yes Sir" was heard, instead of the standard retort of a sailor: "What the H&ll did you stop ME for?!" (Don't worry sailor, it will be on a piece of paper that you will carry away with you, necessitating arranging your schedule to make way for a morning or afternoon in court)

If I had said, "You are going 200 miles an hour" to a Marine, the response would have been "Sir, Yes Sir".

What I did not tolerate:

Lying and/or Drugs. one case.. Stop a Marine.. billows of marijuana smoke come out.
"Been smoking in here?" "Oh, No sir". (Called the Sgt Major later. Sgt. Major, "Thank you officer, we'll take it from here".)

Any idiot knows that you do not drink--then drive. If you think it's cool, you thinking is outdated by about thirty years.

100 MPH
Anyone over a hundred got a ticket--and I mean anyone.

One of the points that generates my admiration of the Corps is that line from the Marine Corps Hymn First to fight for right and freedom, And to keep our honor clean,

It may be hard to teach younger guys this fact: If you are a member of the military or a Law enforcement agency, and you are arrested for ______(Fill in violation, from misdemeanor to felony), the general population doesn't look at you as John Smith. No, you are "another criminal Marine" or "Another Dirty Cop".
You reflect on your organization.
And the Corps does not need that kind of publicity.

Dave Hollenbeck