Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have a LOT of "stuff" happening, .............................

but want to give a belated, but very hearty "CONGRATULATIONS !!" to Old NFO, for his book, The Grey Man Vignettes becoming a reality.

Job search time {UGH!} - seems a new comptroller of the corporation we provide security for doesn't like guns {WTH is he doing in TEXAS, then?} - as of 1 April, we are to be unarmed, with a concomitant almost 30% drop in pay.  Now, at $14.50/hr., it was kinda worth it to travel 104 miles daily, paying tolls - at $10.50/hr., however, I will be paying THEM for the 'privilege' of working.

In addition {this has all happened in the last 2 weeks}, the FodGuy has been hit with health news that's not good - he has to go on oxygen 24/7.  Yes, we are both smokers, but thanks to a manager above the FodGuy, critically necessary air-cleaning units have NOT been installed at a 'new' facility, for over a year, so the FodGuy's lungs are giving up.  He is now out on permanent disability.  Thank you, giant corporations.

To my beloved, my soul mate, my FodGuy - remember these words always ................................


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Old NFO said...

Thanks DM, and thoughts and prayers for you and FOD guy!