Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're headed down to Kemah tomorrow ..............................

unsure of the actual geography, but I b'lieve it's a bit north of Galveston, for our anniversary {14 years, who'da thunk it?  ;-) } - we're "doing" a murder mystery dinner cruise & spending the night there, IF we can find accommodations .....................................

We don't have NEAR the 'social life' we used to; b'tween the FodGuy working zero-dark-thirty 'til whenever, and my working 1300-'til relieved, our schedules don't allow for a lot, plus he works most weekends {when he put in for vacation for our anniversary, he was told, "B-b-b-but, it's end of the month/end of the quarter!"  He politely informed that person that he'd BEEN working most every weekend for MONTHS, and the company had decided that 'managers' were NOT to be compensated for putting in 16-24 hours per weekend, over and above their 'regular' 44+ hours a week.  The squawker kicked it up to the next level, who told the FodGuy, "Have a good time!"  ;-)

I'm dealing with a pregnant Twitless Wonder, who tried to tell me that SHE was taking off the same time I was, so SHE had priority - ummmmm, NO, you do NOT, since I requested the time off BEFORE you even started working here; I've been here over a year, I've EARNED my time off, so I'll be paid for it, while TW will have a short check - sux to be her, I guess ;-) .

Hope all have a happy Thanksgiving; despite 'our' collective problems, this is STILL the best nation on earth - "we" have much for which to be thankful.



Old NFO said...

Enjoy and try NOT to solve it in the first five minutes... :-) And yeah, seniority DOES still pay in some places!!!

Diamond Mair said...

Heh - I was the one with 4 words, THEN I played a "corpse" 'til the denouement ;-)

Guessed wrong on the killer, though .................. :-(

Semper Fi'

Old NFO said...

LOL, that 'does' happen... Glad y'all had fun!