Friday, May 3, 2013

OK, so my first day at my first NRA Convention ................................

my feet HURT!!  ;-)

Met with Old NFO, who duly chastised me for not blogging more - I know, I know, but work issues tend to overload my feeble mind {"How can such-and-such be done BETTER?" - no excuse, just the reality of my world, currently.}

One of the first "things" one notices at the NRA Convention are the good manners - yes-yes, we ALL know an armed society is a polite society.  But, I daresay, the majority of attendees are NOT carrying {especially those who had to undergo the indignities of flying in}, and yet, there are no issues of what has become commonplace rudeness that I've observed.  There isn't the sense of impatience to which most of us have grown accustomed.  It's a very nice respite from what has sadly become our "new normal".

I kind-of met a local newsman, Phil Archer of KPRC, the NBC affiliate.  Never having met him before, I was pleasantly surprised at his kindness and down-to-earth demeanor.  Lest I'm thought starstruck - I worked in the offices of WTTG-TV in Washington, back when Maury Povich was just starting out there.  I've met several 'big name' celebrities over the years - starstruck, I'm not.

The convention is also where one can get some good deals - a LOT of vendors seem to have special pricing for the convention.  There are drawings galore, for just about any firearm/hunting item one might want.

For those who've never been here, the George R. Brown is huge - luckily, it's mostly straight lines and 90 degree angles, so one isn't stuffed into a maze.

John Bolton addressed the assemblage - how is it that we are still blessed by such men?  Men {AND women} unafraid to tell the truth, and who are unapologetically proud Americans?  God knows we could use many more like Ambassador Bolton, Governor Palin and others.

I met former Pennsylvania Senator & Presidential candidate Rick Santorum - he was headed in to address the convention, and I just walked up to him and shook his hand, thanked him from a former resident of Pennsylvania.

There was a get-together at The Ginger Man - nice place, hard as he## to find parking!  The high point for me was meeting with LawDog - my co-BlogFather {he shares that dubious honor with Bayou Renaissance Man } - I am SO fortunate to have both these men in my life!

Will try to get more 'man- {woman-} in the street' interviewing done tomorrow; right now, just want to gnosh something & get in a hot tub ...................................... ;-)   


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