Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An open letter to Chris Muir, author/artist of Day by Day

Mr. Muir, as a long-time fan, I must take issue with your strip of 8 November 2012:

AS a woman, as a USMC veteran, as someone who has and is engaged in 'non-traditional' employment, I'd like to remind you that there are a {seemingly} increasing number of males coming of age, without the requisite fortitude to BE 'free men', not least of which is a decided lack of testosterone - they have the parts, but very little idea of what they're for, with a notable exception.

Fortunately for me, my husband is NOT lacking in the skills of 'being a man' - but I could easily direct you to several who choose "security" over "freedom", and just want Mommy to make it all better, not least of whom is readying himself for another 4 years of 4-F'ing* these United States.  I've no use nor stomach for such males {they don't deserve the appellation of "man"}.

No, the bra-burning 'feminists' did us no favors, but the males who rolled over & played dead bear THEIR share of the blame.

Sincerely and
Semper Fi'
Diamond Mair

*Old military term, regarding sexual exploits:  Find'em, Fondle'em, F***'em, and Forget'em




Old NFO said...

Gotta agree, he missed the boat with that one... sigh...

chris Muir said...

I concur;that's mostly aimed at the political nature of women generally-they do tend to vote as a 'herd' on their values of empathy and what they want rather than what a society needs (the abstract).

And thank you for reading!

Diamond Mair said...

Mr. Muir, thank you for your response; it's good to know that people such as yourself, {famous, busy, etc.} would take the time to respond to a lowly blog.

Please keep up the good work, knowing that you have legions of fans out here in cyberspace!!

Semper Fi'