Monday, July 2, 2012

Seems Google has decided to go 'Nanny-State'

per Prison Planet, Google will no longer "allow" advertising related to firearms, ammunition, accessories - this is their right, as a business, along the lines of 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' - it is also MY right, and the right of every American who values the Constitution of the United States to elect to "take our business elsewhere" ................................. I do NOT appreciate having limitations put on MY choices; I am an adult, I have been making decisions, good, bad & indifferent, for myself, for damn near 40 years.  I also do not appreciate Google's lack of contact info, to some amorphous person, to register my disagreement with their new policy.

As old salts of the Marine Corps used to say, "Semper Fi', Mac, I've got MINE"



Old NFO said...

Firefox... Just sayin... Works good, less of a memory hog, and more user friendly!

KG said...

I won't use their search engine. Ixquick is far better, less biased and more private. The hell with Google.