Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Gecko, KG & all others who love Oz

I'm Fair Dinkum :
I'm Fair Dinkum, bloody oath I am
I've loved the smell of gum leaves, since I was in a pram
Some places may be greener, but I don't give a damn
'Cause I'm Fair Dinkum, bloody oath I am.
Now I was in the doctor's just the other day
He told me take an aspirin, the pain would go away
So I pulled out my chequebook, 'cause sickness doesn't pay
I said, "Are you fair dinkum?" - what did the doctor say?

He said, "Ah so . . ." (Repeat Chorus with Chinese accent)
I said, "Well can you recommend a nice little Chinese restaurant?"

Then I whistled down a taxi cab and headed for the east
A bad case of the munchies, I was ready for a feast
The driver said "Indian?" - I said, "Oh well, I'd rather not"
He said, "Why don't you come around to my place,
My curry's rather hot".

I said, "Are you fair dinkum?"
He said, "Oh . . ." (Repeat Chorus with Indian accent)

Well, I tipped the nice cabbie so he wouldn't make a fuss
I shot out like a bullet and I grabbed a Bondi bus
I said, "Take me to the waves mate, I'm dyin' for a dip"
He said "Now you be very careful and watch you don't slip.

"Oh, are you fair dinkum?"
He said, "Ah by gum . . ." (Repeat Chorus with Pommy accent)

Well everybody's claiming Australia as their own
I'm no aborigine, so I won't point the bone
It shows good taste mate, so I shouldn't moan
If you got a problem, get Al Grassby on the phone.

Yeah, we're Fair Dinkum, bloody oath we are
We all love Koalas and singin' round the bar
And con somebody's missus to drive the flamin' car
Yeah, we're Fair Dinkum, bloody oath we are.

Now give me a home where life is what you make
Where I can walk about, just for walking's sake
Where I can tell our leaders to go jump in the lake
But I'll never knock Australia, you make no mistake.

(Repeat Chorus to tune of bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)



Old NFO said...

GOOOOD one DM! Thanks!

Diamond Mair said...

I would SO love to go to Oz - except for the lack of a 2nd Amendment, I think I could really fall in love with it ........................ I want to see cockatoos & lyrebirds in their natural habitats - of course, the crocs & snakes can keep their distance ............... and that beautiful but deadly little blue-ringed octopus .................. ;-)

Semper Fi'

Gecko said...

Thanks a heap DM :):) you'd love it here, and you'd be very welcome xx

KG said...

Thank you, DM. :)
And we'd so love to see you here, too.
We could take you out to pat a croc and have a few beers under the palm trees.

Diamond Mair said...

Gecko & KG, sounds WONDERFUL - 'cept "patting the croc" - if it's muzzle is wrapped in chains & it's heavily sedated, and I had a WASP knife in the other hand, MAYBE I'd try touching it! ;-)

Semper Fi'