Monday, January 3, 2011

For about the past month .......................................

I've been assisting the Spousal Unit with our 2 gas hog vehicles; the engine was replaced "professionally" {ie, we paid over $900.00 for the engine, damn near $1,000.00 for the installation}, only to have it bucking at highway speeds. Turns out, the crank positioning sensor was put back with only ONE bolt {it requires 2}. On a '98 Ram 1500, the cps is located at the REAR of the engine - LOTS of fun removing/replacing/removing/replacing that {yes, I intended that repetition}. We also replaced the distributor, and the plug wires, and over the weekend, replaced the rear brakes.

The Rainier decided to 'deflate' the rear air suspension, so THAT made travel ............................ interesting. Turns out, it appears the electrical connections got wet, and once they dried out, the compressor worked for the suspension {it never STOPPED working on the tire inflator in the rear compartment of the vehicle}.

So, anyhoo, I'm up IN the engine compartment to access areas, when a neighbor showed up & just HAD to take a picture. Fine, but I refused to turn & face the camera. Her 'husband' {whom I do NOT speak to, and normally refer to pejoratively with an 8-letter word, or as "Mr. Charm" sarcastically} came over to ask the FodGuy some automotive question, while I was about 30 feet away - the FodGuy referred to me as his "Chief Mechanic's Assistant", to which "Mr. Charm" laughed derisively - but, here's the thing - HIS wife was driving over the summer, in an older minivan, with NO engine coolant {he had taken a hike on her for 3 months} - she'd stop when it would get 'too hot' and spray water over the engine block - *I'm* the one who told her she was risking cracking the engine block, and pretty much forced her into getting coolant. She's a nice lady, heart of gold, but dumber than a box of rocks - "hubby" isn't too much better, since he installed a 'floating floor' with nails, for someone who was paying him; he puts things {his porch} together with nails rather than screws, THAT gives you an idea of his terminal stupidity. He's been rude to me once too often; I refuse to have anything to do with him. The FodGuy thought I was mad at HIM {the FodGuy} for talking with "Mr. Charm" - I said, no, SOMEONE has to talk to him, it just will never be ME ............................ ;-)



Old NFO said...

Ouch, sounds like a 'fun' month... NOT! Hope things get straightened out!

Diamond Mair said...

Slowly but surely, Sir - drove the Progeny on an errand in the truck yesterday {the day before, I'd given her a ride in the Neon, which elected to DIE on me on the driveway - luckily, some neighbors {a young former Marine & his brother-in-law} pushed me sufficiently to pop the clutch in 2nd gear, but when I got to the house, I texted the FodGuy & told him I would NEVER drive the Neon again. The Rainier is doing OK, and we're gonna try & play with the truck tomorrow, to make sure all pistons are firing correctly {?} - *I* get to listen ....................... ;-)

Semper Fi'