Sunday, January 20, 2008

'Specially to Lainy, MK & SpeakerTweaker .......................................................

Thank you for your comments - Ja. is doing VERY well in her new class - now if her Mom can only get the school's speech therapist to work with Ja. - right now, she's "under observation/consultation" - the thing is, just as with kids with hearing loss, the earlier the intervention, the better the result.

What I posted earlier is just ONE example - I'm afraid I'm gonna have to buckle down and start attending town council meetings, to raise the issue of illegals & anchor/jackpot children here - one of the problems is that we're only ~ 30 miles outside Houston, where Mayor Witless and the carpetbagger police chief LIE about the sanctuary status the city imposes on all public service issues. Also, I've been invited to get involved in the school system - I haven't, because I do not now, nor ever DID, have a child in this school system. {D. was 22 when we moved here.}

I'm all for our kids learning languages other than English {though I believe they should all be well on their way to mastery of the English language before getting into any other language - in today's world, English is the language of choice in many fields} - with no indication that 'globalism' is going away any time soon, it can only HELP to have a grasp of another language. That being said, I question the "Spanish" that's being taught here - too often, it is classical Spanish {one could fare very well in Spain} - if the majority of people one must interact with come from Mexico or Central America, wouldn't it be better to at least offer "Mexican Spanish"?

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lainy said...

Learning proper English is top priority. I couldn't agree with you more.